Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Swap!

As soon as I heard about the "Fall into Fall" Swap, I knew I had to do it. Fall is my favorite season so how could I pass it up?

I was matched with Tina from Like Ordinary Life. It was great getting to know her a little more and to be able to read her lovely blog and find out that she lives in the same state! We exchanged a few emails/tweets and I was off shopping for her.

I was so excited to see what she got me and I literally ripped the box open the second my husband brought it in. See what she got me...

Ok, so there was also some Brach's candy corn, but I may have scarfed those down before I took the picture.

To say that I was pleasantly surprised was an understatement. She gave me a lovely, handwritten note, a note pad, cinnamon cider soy candle, candy corn, and TWO Essie nail polishes! I can't even believe that she sent me my favorite color {Turquoise & Caicos} and another amazing color that's perfect for fall. These are by far my two favorite colors, in fact, I'm wearing the dark purple one right now!

Thank you, Tina for the amazing package! If you want to see what I got Tina, check out her post here.

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