Monday, October 1, 2012

Living with PCOS and Follow-Up Visit

Being diagnosed with PCOS has given me a lot of answers. I used to wonder why I had twinges throughout my cycle, was exhausted no matter how much sleep I got, was hungry all of the time, had a hard time losing weight, why I gained most of the weight in my stomach, why I was irregular, and why I crave carbs and sugar like no one's business. Being diagnosed with PCOS gave me answers.

Since being diagnosed, I've been doing a lot of research. I want to know what PCOS is and what we can do to manage my symptoms. I also want to know what we can do to help me get pregnant.

I saw my fertility doctor for my follow-up appointment last Thursday to find out what we can do. We decided to put me on Metformin ER to help manage my slightly elevated HbA1c levels so that I do not become diabetic. It will also help to regulate my hormones if it is successful because they all work with the insulin levels in my body. In addition, we are going to start treatment with Clomid. In two weeks, I will be going in for my baseline ultrasound and blood work to make sure that everything is good to start. If I respond to the clomid, we have a chance to get pregnant. If not, then we will change my dosage and pray that it works. They will give us 3-4 months of trying once we can get me to ovulate on clomid. If it works, then we continue care with my OBGYN, if not, we switch medications, which will likely include injections.

At this time, I am making sure to do what I can with eating well and working out until my appointment next week. It's so important to continue eating well and working out to help the Metformin work at its best to reduce any insulin resistance and to help me continue to lose weight since weight loss can help ease and control symptoms as well.

I am still learning a lot about my diagnosis and I have two books waiting for me at the library to continue to learn. I am doing my best to consider this a blessing. God made me this way and I strongly believe that I can use this as a platform to help others in some way.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as we work with the doctors to try to start our family!

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