Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Craziest Week Ever

The past week has been super crazy. First, we got our tub re-caulked at the apartment (last) Thursday late afternoon. We stayed at my in-laws that night and Friday night to give it more than enough time to dry since our bathroom has moisture issues. When we came back on Saturday, our window was open, fan was on, and there was a note on the door saying that the knob on the stove was on so they came in to turn it off. Apparently, the whole building smelled like gas.

Of course, this was a huge red flag. I didn't cook anything Thursday and my husband stopped by the apartment Friday morning on the way to work to see if the windows were locked and stove was turned off. It was off so he left. No big deal. So, when we got the note on the door, I couldn't believe it! I called up to the office and they wouldn't tell me who responded to the call and said I would have to talk to the manager on Monday.

The apartment manager wasn't able to talk to me until Tuesday and I was a bit upset. I told him about the notice and he thought that maybe it was a leak in the gas line. When it was explained to him that it said specifically that a stove was turned on he wasn't sure what happened and said he would look into it.

Tuesday night Phil decided to work late so I went to pick him up from work so he wouldn't have to take the train home. I left around 5:45pm and when we returned around 8pm the apartment building smelled horribly of gas. Immediately, I went and checked our stove and one of the knobs was turned on all the way! Again, I didn't cook that day and had ordered a pizza for dinner. Plus, with our stove, you have to push in the knob for it to turn so it can't be knocked that far.

We ended up opening the windows and using a fan to try to get the smell out. We called emergency maintenance and left a message on the machine. When they didn't get back to us, we were really upset. Around 9:30pm a neighbor came by and asked if it had happened again. When we explained how we weren't there the first time and that it happened again when I went to pick up my husband from work, she was floored. Someone who has access to a key was coming in our apartment while we were both gone and turning on the gas to the stove. She told us to call the fire department and have them check it out. So, that's what we did. They came in and told us it was safe to go back in and we asked them to turn off the gas line to the stove so it couldn't happen again.

The next morning I made sure to be down at the apartment office to talk to the manager as soon as he got in. I told him what had happened (again) and he said they could change the locks. Of course, I explained that the person who got in had access to our key before so who's to say it couldn't happen again. He asked what would make me feel safe and how he could fix it and I told him that I wanted to be let out of the lease early.
Thankfully, he understood and said that we could be let out at any time without penalty.

After talking to my husband, in-laws, family, and friends, we decided that we are going to have everything out by November 10th. Yep, we're moving in 2 weeks and it just so happens to be on my in-law's birthday!

So, that's my crazy story for the week. Do you have any of your own?


Amber in South Carolina said...

Wow! That is crazy. Glad they let you out early. That would definitely freak me out.

TwoFourFive said...

That is nuts!!!!

Adrienne said...

Oh my gosh, that is really scary. Who would do that?! That's terrible!

Tristan said...

that is so scary!!!