Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Good News...It Worked!

I went in yester for another mid-cycle monitoring appointment. Last Thursday, there were no follicles that were of "good" size so they had me come in again today to see if they would grow. I went in hoping that one was 16mm so that we could continue the cycle and not have to up the dosage. We were praying all weekend for good news and I'm happy to report that's just what we got!

I went in for my appointment and they found one 22mm follicle! That is super fantastic and I was so happy that it grew so quickly. In addition to the ultrasound they did more blood work to check my LH levels. In order to ovulate, your LH hormone has to surge and the egg will release. Imagine my surprise when they told me that if they weren't high enough, I would have to trigger...tonight. I was definitely not prepared for that and thought it would be a couple of days before that was needed.

I got the call that I needed to do the trigger shot and drove to pick it up from the pharmacy.
This is how I felt about it when I picked it up.

Truth be told, I hate needles. In fact, I cry and flip out if the doctor tries to give me a shot. I've gotten used to getting my blood drawn, but not shots. I was a bit nervous picking it up, but knew it needed to be done. The trigger shot is important because it causes your body to release the egg within 24-36 hours after the injection.

I managed to keep busy when I got home until after 6pm when I could do the trigger. I was super calm and when I gave myself the injection last night and it didn't even hurt! I couldn't believe it. I called my mom and was so excited that I did it!

The next step in monitoring is to go in November for a beta draw to see if we're pregnant. If it's positive, then there will be more beta draws to make sure the levels continue to go up and an ultrasound to check the heartbeat when it's appropriate. If it's negative, we start it all over again with monitoring.

Either way, I'm so happy that it worked and we're going to ovulate!


Cheerful Homemaker said...

Hooray for ovulation!

Leah said...

thank you so much for being so honest and open with your TTC journey. I hope that everything goes as planned :)