Monday, April 22, 2013

21 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along: 21 weeks 1 day

Size of Baby: Pomegranate (10.5 inches, 12.7 oz) Getting so big!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +9 lbs. I go to the dr tomorrow so we'll see what it's up to now.

Maternity Clothes: I can still wear my yoga pants and comfy shorts, but moved on to maternity long ago.

Gender: It's a BOY!!!

Movement: Daily. Only I can feel it (still), but he's moving a lot more these days.
Sleep: So frustrating. I'm so tired, but when I lie down to go to sleep, my nose gets stuffed up and I can't sleep well. Waking up multiple times per night due to not breathing well.
What I Miss: Being able to breathe and walk around without getting tired and winded quickly. Of course, I'll take it for our healthy baby!

Cravings: Nothing too big this week.
Symptoms: Stuffy nose (thank to allergies as well), my boobs are getting bigger and are sore (again), and increased hunger on and off.

Best Moment This Week: Seeing our little boy at the anatomy scan this past week! We were told that he's looking good and see the doctor for our regular appointment tomorrow. Can't wait to hear his heartbeat again!


lori said...

Aw congrats on your little BOY! Hope you are able to sleep soon, I completely understand!'

Vanessa Miller said...

I started getting really winded this weekend. I guess it's just that time.