Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So What Wednesdays

So What Wednesday
This week, I'm saying SO WHAT if...
  • I'm struggling through this allergy season. My stuffy nose keeps me from sleeping well and I'm over it.
  • I can't wait to be in California in a couple of weeks. I miss my mom way too much!
  • The news about the FAA furlough makes me mad. People are complaining that their flights shouldn't be delayed because of the furlough cutting the workforce for traffic control. Apparently the people who work behind the scenes can be furloughed just not the people that affect you.
  • I see the silver lining with the furlough. My husband has off one day every other week. Not thrilled that he doesn't get paid, but it's more time with him.
  • I can't wait to eat at In-N-Out and will be doing so for the first meal off the plane.
  • I can no longer breathe well and get exhausted when I walk. The doctor said the baby is up high now!
  • I'm already looking forward to my shower!

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Stephanie Hart said...

I like your blog. I found you through Life After I Dew. Look forward to reading more.