Wednesday, January 22, 2014


My husband works long days. Typically, he's waking up at 3:30am, leaving for work by 4:10am, starting work around 6:30am, and not getting home until 5:45pm...if traffic is decent. Of course, this means long days at home for me with the baby and my mother-in-law. Once he gets home, we have dinner and we take turns entertaining Matthew until his bedtime routine starts between 7-7:30pm. After that, my husband gets ready for bed and I feel like I don't really see him until we go to bed.

Lately I feel like I miss my husband and our family...just us. I love snow days because he's home, but we live with my in-laws and that means that it's not just us. I relish the times where we get a few minutes together that's uninterrupted. No chores, no phones, the baby sleeping. I need more of those times.

We put in an offer on another house and our offer wasn't chosen. They asked if we wanted to be the back up offer in case the other people's contract falls through and we said yes, but that means we're still on the hunt for the right house. The bank is still "reviewing" the contract on the short sale and hasn't even done an appraisal to decide if they can accept our offer so we feel stuck at the current moment. The market here is super competitive in our price range and if a standard sale is priced well and in good condition, it is under contract within 5 days and there are multiple offers on the table.

For now, we wait and keep searching and praying for the right house to come along and take some time together as little as that may be.

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