Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weight Watchers Anyone?

I've been reading a lot of blogs recently and have noticed that one of my favorite blogs to read mentions that she is doing Weight Watchers with her husband and it is working for them! I've been struggling with weight loss and especially over the past few weeks my nutrition has really been aweful. Phil and I even had a talk about it to try to get me back on track. We decided that I needed a plan to work with instead of blindly going in there. We considered a couple of things:

--A supplement aka Alli. After reading the many reviews (good and bad) we decided that the oily discharge and general leakage problem from the rear end is NOT ok in any circumstance. Other supplements have high levels of caffeine and I am caffeine sensitive...it puts me to sleep--literally.

--After shooting down the supplement idea, I thought of Weight Watchers because I have been reading about the success over at this blog and thought it would be a great idea to try. You get your points allowance and get to do a lifestyle change without counting calories!

After making the decision last night, calling Weight Watchers to talk to them about the program, we headed out to BJ's to get a Momentum Cookbook to get an idea of recipes that are allowed. We also purchased a starter kit online today that should be here in a few days to get the ball rolling! I am excited to try this out and see what can happen as a result of it.

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