Sunday, October 11, 2009

Congratulations to Chris and Heidi!

I love weddings! Today just happened to be the wedding to a really great couple, Chris and Heidi. I've known these two for just under two years now and it has been great to see their relationship grow into something beautiful.

They had an amazing outdoor wedding at a small church in Virginia--which meant Phil and I had to drive three hours to see them and three hours back today because the friend we were going to stay with has the flu :( I love how they incorporated teh fall theme into just about everything from the colors to the centerpieces adn even to the cake. It was incredibly lovely and I was happy we could be there.

And if God has not given us a million signs already...Phil ended up with the garter! It landed close to him so he was the only one who stepped over and picked it up....haha!

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