Thursday, October 22, 2009


Dear Fellow Gym Go-ers,

I think it is terrific, even admirable that you too are going to the gym. Maybe it is to get into better shape or just to be healthy, but whatever the reason it is honestly great.

I find it helpful that the gym has showers and a fantastic locker room with tons of lockers, mirrors, and a bathroom with granite countertops. In fact, this is the whole reason that I like the locker room. The showers are a nice touch even if I refuse to use them, but really, feel free to do so yourselves.

I must admit, however, that there is something that I saw this morning that I do not think is necessary. You see, the gym also has an extra changing room available so that you need not prance around in your old lady undies for everyone to see. I do not enjoy gathering my belongings from my locker post work-out to see an older woman in floral granny panties and a pink bra.

For future reference, I would like for you to consider one of the ample shower/changing areas available not in the open.

Thank you,

Your Fellow Gym Patron

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