Sunday, October 18, 2009

Great Weekend

This weekend was a lot of fun minus Friday night. Every Friday evening Phil's family has a family dinner. It is something I totally look forward to every week. Unfortunately I was unable to attend this Friday because instead I was busy waiting for my tub to be looked at since it was filled with water and would not drain. Even though it was necessary to wait around it ended up being fixed to drain, but they need to do something else so that it can plug up for baths.

Saturday was possibly my favorite! My legs were super sore from the leg work out my trainer had me do the day before, but at least I know the working out is working, right? We started off the day by going to lunch and meeting up with a friend at Bob Evans...I love Bob Evans. After that we went to the outlets and went shopping for 4 hours...ahhhh! I ended up getting a super cute pink coat with a faux fur hood. It's super comfy and cute and I really, really needed at coat for the winter. I also got some thermals and a zip-pull over fleece from the Gap outlet.

Today we went to church this morning and we went to the church that we were attending when we first started dating. It was a church that Phil had been going to for years and we left because of some drama between me and the youth pastor. Long story short...I was trying to get involved in youth ministries and the youth pastor was a little busy. He thought he was responding to me and I never got the emails. I thought I was being ignored and got really hurt and upset so we left that church for most of this year. He ended up seeing us in Panera Bread this past week, said hi and I no longer felt ignored. We went back this morning to try it out again.

After church to clear the air I went up to talk to him and explain what happened. We concurred it was a big misunderstanding and we both apologized. He extended another offer to volunteer with the youth ministry program and all is better. I figure we will continue to go there and hopefully we will make that our home church again.

Other than that we had lunch at home and ran some errands. It is so wonderful to have the whole weekend to do whatever we wanted and not worry about what time Phil has work.

It was a fantabulous weekend!

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