Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Something's a little fishy here...

Normally I am right on the ball even to the point of knowing what I'm getting for Christmas. It has been this way for a couple of years now. I have been able to always guess and know what my friends and boyfriend was getting me. This year was just like the rest..or so I thought.

My friend and her boyfriend came over for a gift exchange the other night and I knew what they were getting me. Of course, this year Phil and I went shopping for my gift so there were clearly no surprises there. The only thing left is my stocking. This year we decided to fill each other's stocking and exchange the gifts on Christmas Eve just he and I.

I was thinking that he would be going out on Christmas Eve to do the shopping for my stocking, but he may have pulled a fast one on me. Today he went into work and told me that the trains were running on holiday schedule because of the snow storm, but it would be back to the regular schedule tomorrow. He let me know that he would be on a later train and I didn't question it. The guy is super honest and not capable of coming up with a good cover story...or so I thought.

When the kids and I stopped by his parents to drop off my laundry today and get their treats from his mom I mentioned to his dad that the trains were on a holiday schedule and he would be on this one train. His dad mentioned that there was an earlier one he could have taken, but that one makes more stops so he might have wanted to avoid it. Again...I thought nothing of it.

While I was sitting here reading his last email where he told me he was leaving work and getting some shopping done before the train leaves it got me thinking...Where on earth would he go shopping by his work since his car would be at a train lot over an hour away? I've been there and never saw a mall or any kind of store/shopping center within walking distance to be able to go to.

Then I decided to do some sleuthing because I'm nosy like that. I looked up the website for the metro and found no story on it running on a special holiday schedule. It also said that the train should be there on time and gave specific times as if it was running on a normal schedule.

This makes me wonder...did he use that as a cover story and drive to work? If not, how could he go shopping with no car and no shopping center within walking distance? Seems a little fishy to me.

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