Monday, April 12, 2010

McFatty Monday--Revised

I went to the marriage fellowship bible study at my church last night and it was talking about attractiveness and how women need to be "attractive" for their spouses. Even though Phil and I aren't married yet we are considering it and therefore qualify for the group. The study focused on two areas of attractiveness--the inner beauty and the physical side of beauty. Since this is in lieu of a McFatty Monday post I am focusing on the goals for my physical beauty today.

It's been a tough couple of months for me dealing with my body and how I view myself physically. I will be the first to admit that when I go to the gym and see myself in all of the mirrors I cringe. I find it honestly disgusting and that is so sad when it's my body. I've been focusing so hard on feeling better about myself and even went out and bought some new clothes that actually fit and it did make me feel better! It makes me feel good about myself when I have clothes to get dressed up in and look nice. However, with buying new clothes, that only solves one of the problems and the body issues are still there underneath the clothes.

Because of this issue that I am still working on. I have decided to not focus on my weight this week, but rather focus on making healthy choices and striving to be healthy. I feel as though I have been making so many better decisions regarding my diet and when I see the scale go up I get confused, upset, and don't understand so hopefully taking a step back from that will help to refocus my efforts and give me some positive motivation for a while.

Let's look at some goals I want to achieve this week:
  1. Drink more water! --I've been getting better with this, but usually only do it for a day or two before I fall off the bandwagon.
  2. Only go out to eat a maximum of 1 time/week. --It's so easy for me to "justify" subway with the kids or something on the weekend because it's easier, but then I end up eating out a few times a week.
  3. Go to the gym and be more active. --Since my trainer has been out of the country for a family emergency and I've been getting depressed about my weight not going down I've really been slacking on this one and need to regain some focus.
  4. Pray more and think positively about myself. --God can help me through anything and that's what I need.
  5. Wake up 15 minutes early everyday this week. --I've noticed that when I wake up just before 7am I am much happier and can get a lot more done. Ironic, I know, but true all the same even though I want to sleep in as late as possible.

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