Thursday, April 15, 2010


The doctor's office called today with my lab results. I was super excited that it only took one day for them to process it and get it back so that we could know where the issue is.

And their conclusion: "All of your lab results have come back normal."

What? I'm pretty sure I didn't hear them right, but they said nothing was wrong despite my asking. At first I was super confused and frustrated as to why I have been feeling so poorly and there is no medical reason behind it. We are thankful that there is no serious problems and that I'm healthy.

Maybe this is just how my body is reacting to being heavy and once I lose the weight then I will start to feel better, but for right now losing the weight has been difficult and it hasn't wanted to come off--at least on the scale. Phil's dad told him that he is starting to see a little difference and that I'm looking a little better, but it's frustrating when it seems like the scale won't budge and all of my efforts have been in vain.

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