Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Days like today make me wonder if I'll ever get it all done. The oldest girl I watch had to stay home from school today so the youngest was put into school until 2pm which means there's a big chunk of time for me to get things done. I had a doctor's appointment at 10am and decided that after that we would go to my apartment so I can continue my "organization" project while she studies for school.

We were there for for about two and a half hours and I cleaned out my closet of clothes that are no longer needed, scrubbed the tub, moved my spices to the new shelf in the kitchen, cleaned out the old spice drawer and re-folded all of the kitchen towels/linens to go in that drawer, put the dishes away, and threw out so many little things that were no longer needed it was ridiculous! It sounds like a lot of things were accomplished, but at the end of the trip my apartment looks the same as it did before :(

It comes down to the fact that the apartment is too small for all of my things and there are too many small, random things to really have a home. I would love to get a new organizer, but it would take up more floor space and that's really not happening because the floor space is already limited. It also doesn't help that all of the flooring in the apartment are terrible and will always look dingy no matter how many times I clean them. I've even tried scrubbing on my hands and knees before and when it was finished the only thing Phil could say was "Well, it looks really....shiny." was funny and sad all at the same time.

Right now it just seems like this will continue to be an ongoing struggle to keep things organized and picked up until a) I have a bigger apartment with more storage options or b) We decide to do a massive clean and throw away a whole bunch of stuff. Either way, it will take some more time and I will keep trying.

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