Thursday, July 8, 2010

Letter to Vendors

Dear Prospective Vendor,
My fiance and I are planning a wedding for late February of next year. We are looking for a few simple things that should be pretty simple, but just in case you need a clue please do not do any the following and still expect our business:

  1. Show up 45 minutes late. Also, do not admit to wanting to "call and check in" with me earlier in the day because you are unsure of the time and still show up late for the incorrect time.
  2. Be unwilling to work with what we want. It's OUR wedding and WE want certain things and a certain way. Yes, we are open to suggestion, but no, we don't want to play dance songs during the meal at the reception.
  3. Just because I fill out the contact information page on your website at 11:35pm does not mean you can call me that late and keep me on the phone past midnight. I do not want to talk to anyone that late unless you are my bff or it is an emergency. Yes, I like prompt service, but please try to call the following day between normal waking hours (i.e. 9am-6pm).
  4. Ask us for our budget and go as close to the top of it as possible. We would like to stay under budget if at all possible and will compare prices/quality with other vendors. Be reasonable and polite and you will be considered.
  5. Please do not assume we want to spend significantly more for your services because you are "All about the party," have a blue wave light, and want to schedule the events for the reception in the most bizarre way possible. These things are not what we are looking for and your "unique-ness" is not worth the extra money...especially when you are creepy.
  6. Do not try to be our best friend! Being polite, friendly, and personable are all things we are looking for, but crossing the line and sucking up just to get our business will not work.
  7. Do not come unprepared! We make appointments so that you will be ready for us and we can see your best work, not with whatever you decide last minute. If we are not a priority, you clearly do not want our business.
With all of this said, we are looking for people who are professional, personable, willing to listen to what we would like, but still offer suggestions, and on-time. We know what is considered reasonable for what we would like and will not be choosing any vendor that is trying to charge more than what it is worth.

Thank you so much for considering to work with us!

*This letter is based on actual experience! I find it more funny than aggravating and wanted to share some of our experiences thus far. There are plenty more, but after our meeting tonight, I think we hit the jackpot of "what not to do!"

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