Monday, July 26, 2010

Adding a little sparkle

Being busy is something that I really enjoy. It keeps me active and makes me feel accomplished at the end of the day. Since I'm not working for another few weeks I've been trying to keep busy with running errands and getting everything out of the way before work was no exception.

This morning I was able to go to the gym (heck yes!) and get in a cardio work-out. Working out is something that makes me feel healthy and good about myself so it's great to be able to start my day off with it. After the gym I ran a couple of short errands and went back to Phil's house to eat lunch and feed my internet fix. Since I'm going to Virginia tomorrow to see my Boo (my maid of honor), I wanted to make sure to have the color swatch for the bridesmaids dresses so that we could get the paint needed for the centerpieces. I called the bridal shop to make sure they had the color swatch we needed and to see how much they would cost. While on the phone I mentioned to the saleswoman that my dress was ordered in a smaller size and wanted to try one on in that size to see how close I was to fitting in it. She surprised me by telling me that my dress had come in!

Once the call was ended, Phil's mom and I made plans to go down there, try it on, and pick it up. I had promised Phil's Gram that she would be able to see me in it when the dress came in since she wasn't there when I picked the dress, so she decided to join us.

The drive to the bridal shop is about an hour away, so we made our way down there. When we arrived I got to try on my dress to find out that it fit! I had ordered the size a little smaller so that we would be able to get it altered a smaller size if necessary. The new consultant that I had was a little underwhelming. She kept trying to push me to buy things and I was less than thrilled with her lack of attentiveness.

The one good thing about the trip was that there was a brooch that I had wanted to purchase there.

The dress itself is very simple so I thought an accessory would be nice to give it a little "bling" and "sparkle."

Overall, the day ended up being great and we were able to get way more done than originally planned! I'm definitely looking forward to a little "break" from everything and to see my friends down in Virginia.

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