Sunday, July 25, 2010

We finally got one!

I've been pretty busy this past week running errands of all kinds. My favorite, of course, are wedding-related and yesterday was no exception. Phil and I met with our DJ and went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond afterwards to work on our registry. I love that store because there are so many things there and we always have extra 20% off coupons to use. So, as we are walking around, we found what I've wanted for about a year now. One of these
What I love about this convection oven is that it has buttons to press, not knobs to turn because I seriously always turn it too far and burn my toast! The other thing is that it can bake, toast, and roast a small chicken in it as well as a 12" pizza! Seriously, I've wanted one forever, but because of the price, Phil said "No" and I figured we would eventually get married and it could go onto the wedding registry.

Luckily as we were walking through the store yesterday, I saw the box for one and scanned it immediately. There wasn't a display model out anymore and that seemed odd so when we checked the price of the item in the scanner it was $30 off. Score! I promptly told Phil this and said if we used our 20% off coupon then we could get it for half off the original price (which Target is still charging for the same convection oven). He didn't seem too thrilled about it so we didn't get it.

On the way home we were talking about the registry and what we had chosen and the convection oven was brought up again...funny how that happens. We were talking about the prices and everything when it finally "clicked" for him. This was the last one at the store and it was basically on clearance. Once he figured that out, he decided that the best thing would be to go back to the store and get it!

Needless to say, I am beyond thrilled with our new purchase as my old toaster oven only works on the "bake" function and we don't have the tray that it came with. Now, I'll have to try it out soon and see how well it works!

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