Wednesday, October 6, 2010



Balance is something I struggle with on a daily basis.

How much is too much? What is too little? These are the thoughts that plague my mind.

Overtime, I have realized that I'm more of an "all or nothing" person. When I'm doing well with dieting and the gym, it's because I'm all in it. When I don't go for a while, I'm not at all into it. It's hard for me to find balance.

Unfortunately, this is becoming a problem. Our schedules seems to be taking on this role--we either have a packed week or nothing at all. How am I supposed to have balance when everything is all at once or there's nothing? Clearly, I need to learn to say "no" when life demands too much, but what about when people don't listen and respect me when I say no?

Over the years, I feel that my voice has been left unheard. I used to be much more confrontational and didn't let people push me around. If I said "no", it meant no! Lately, I will tell people that I can not/do not want to do things and they not only insist on getting their way, but they will even go as far as going behind my back to make it so that they get what they want. Ummm, hello...who even does that?

At the end, I'm left feeling frustrated and disrespected. I need to learn how to say no in a way that people won't push me to change my mind.

Balance is something I'm striving for and trying to achieve on a daily basis. But, for now, I need to learn to prioritize and say no to those things that aren't feasible.

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