Monday, May 14, 2012

How I feel about being outdoors

There are certain things about myself that I have come to realize over time. Take for instance, my latest revelation: I am not the outdoorsy type. Seriously. I don't like it when it's too hot or too cold. I don't like bugs biting me and get a horrible allergic reaction when they do.

I used to think that I loved the outdoors. I played soccer and softball growing up and ran cross country in high school where we would go for week long camping trips in the mountains. I thought that I loved it, but I now realize that the memories I liked the best were filled with friends and had little to do with being outside.

I realized this the other night when we had a "campfire" at a friend's house. Everyone else seemed to be content with sitting around the fire, not caring how long the food had been sitting out, or where the bugs were. A bat flew by and no one was phased. What?! In preparation for the campfire I made sure to wear shoes, pants, and longsleeves so that I wouldn't get bit! When the smoke was coming my way, I moved. When they poked the logs and embers flew, I was not comforable sitting there as they were flying around too close for comfort.

That's when a friend of mine made the comment that I'm not the outdoors type of girl. Sure, I love the idea of camping, but not the reality. I really do wish I liked it more, but that's just not how I roll. In fact, I tend to be overly cautious when it comes to bugs, the sun, heat, or cold. It's part of who I am and I need to be prepared for those things and I don't think it's going to change any time soon!

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