Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sometimes and Always


Sometimes... I make a lot of food during the week and we have tons of leftovers.
Always... My husband tries to eat them all so we don't waste food (or money).

Sometimes... We have heart to hearts talks and make difficult decisions {like giving up Netflix}.
Always... We eventually adjust and know we made the right decision.

Sometimes... We have friends over and entertain.
Always... Some inappropriate funny things happen and have a great time.
Yes, those are pink handcuffs hanging from the chandelier. I put them up as a joke and the key got stuck in it and it took forever to get them down!

Sometimes... My husband says the funniest things and truly believes them {like how I can't go swimming because I just at a PB&J}.
Always... I laugh and reason with him {I know how to swim, I'm an adult, and there will be a lifeguard on duty}.

Sometimes... I like to keep things beween Phil and I for a while.
Always... When my sister finds out, she wonders why I didn't tell her sooner.


Cheerful Homemaker said...

We aren't great about eating leftovers. If it's something DH doesn't love, I have to eat all of it. Ugh.

Lil Lambz said...

Hahah I love the handcuffs getting stuck! I am your newest follower from the link up today! Check out my sometimes & always