Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I usually don't post on what we did for the weekend because...

1. It's usually really boring.
2. I never have any pictures because what we do is boring.

This weekend was different because we actually did something (other than laundry and running errands) and I took at least a couple of pictures. It's a start, right?

Saturday we were invited to a friend's house for some food and games. It was a lot of fun and everyone loved my veggie pizza! Afterwards, we went with friends to church. I love going to church Saturday evening because it's less crowded and I always wake up cranky when we try to go on Sundays.

Today, Phil and I started off the morning with breakfast in bed and a movie. It was nice to have a slow start to the day and to spend time with my husband. We were able to lounge around at home for a while before we headed to the campground to visit my in-laws for dinner. My in-laws go camping in their travel trailer every Memorial Day weekend and we are invited to visit and hang out. I told Phil that I wanted to see them for dinner and have a camfire with s'mores and that's just what we did!

Citronella candles are my best friends when we're at a campground. Bugs like to eat me up and I have bad reactions to bites. This candle follows me around everywhere!

After dinner, my father-in-law made the campfire so we could toast some marshmellows for s'mores.

My husband and I ended the night at the campground with a walk and headed home where I cut his hair and we watched another movie.

Tomorrow we have a couple of friends coming over for lunch. Nothing fancy, but we'll be having hot dogs and turkey burgers. I love getting together with friends and entertaining so it will be a lot of fun.

I'm really happy that we were able to slow down this weekend and really enjoy spending time together.