Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sometimes and Always #7

Sometimes... I agree to take on things that are really ambitious.
Always... I end up figuring out how to do it and like the outcome.

Sometimes... I am completely irrational and emotional over the smallest things.
Always... My husband is there to help me through it (even if it takes him a minute to understand).

Sometimes... I still struggle with finding a home church and really wanting to go.
Always... I know that God still loves me and I'm thankful for that.

Sometimes... I really want to buy something and I get upset if we don't get it.
Always... I get over it. It only takes a couple of hours and I'm fine.

Sometimes... People do not understand the point I'm trying to convey.
Always... I get super frustrated and call my husband.

Sometimes... I go days without leaving the house unless I have something I need to do or an appointment to go to.
Always... I really like getting out of the house, especially now that I can drive with the windows down!


Amanda Faith said...

I love all these, but especially being able to drive with the windows down. :)

Holly said...

I totally do the last one too! Sometimes it's awesome, but sometimes I feel a bit too much like a hermit.