Friday, September 14, 2012

Fit Fridays {Week 15}

Unfortunately, I don't have an accurate weigh in today as my scale decided to break before I go on. I noticed it wobbling, got on anyways, and it gave me results in the 100's...which would be awesome, but not accurate.

Either way, I know that I lost this week! I'm either at 201.8 (per yesterday's reading) or 203.5 (per my husband's old scale this morning). Both scales were reading a bunch of different weights so I know that neither of them were super accurate this morning.

So, I will be going out to purchase a new scale today and will be working with that one from now on! I will, however, miss my old scale since I've had it since I lived in California and it was pretty accurate. Last week, I weight myself in the morning and it was only a two pound difference from the doctor's scale later that day (and I had eaten and drank a ton of water, was wearing jeans, and heavier clothing). The nurse was surprised that it was so accurate.

Of course, I have been staying under my calorie goals for the day and I'm happy to report that I went to the gym yesterday, did yoga Wednesday, and I have a gym-date set up with a friend for today at 10am. I also have a double-header softball game (hopefully it won't get rained out) tomorrow so I should be getting in a ton of exercise that way as well!

I'm also using a heart rate monitor now. My step-dad said that I might be pushing myself too hard so I should work at a lower heart rate for longer periods of time to build up more stamina so I don't feel like I can't breathe. I found the one I wanted on clearance at Target for $30 less than the original price, called my husband, and he reluctantly said I could buy it! I did my first workout with it yesterday and love it!

Whatever my weight comes in this week...

I am down 20 pounds!!!!!

Starting Weight: 224
Current Weight: < 204! 
*Current weight between 201-203ish...

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Adrienne said...

Boo scale problems! But this is fantastic! Keep up the great work!