Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Big Move & A New Plan

Yesterday was the big move. We got most of our stuff out of the apartment and into the storage locker or my in-laws basement. We ended up having a lot of help and it went by fairly quickly. We are so blessed to have such great people willing to help us with such short notice.

In a nutshell, we packed and moved in a week's time. There's still a few small things to do at the apartment like cleaning for the final inspection, boxing up under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, and doing a final go-through of the small amount of things that we left behind. Other than that, we're out and have officially moved in with the in-laws.

Of course, with this move came a new plan.

My in-laws are insistent that they want to see us in a house. They do not want us to rent anymore and know we are trying to start a family. So, after discussing things with them we have decided to stay here and save up to buy a house! We are blessed with parents who want what's best for us and have given us minimal expenses while we are here. They would rather see our savings account grow rather than have them get any rent. Of course, we have our own personal bills (my student loan, whatever we spend on our Discover each month, cell phone bill, and some groceries), but other than our own expenses, it is all supposed to go to savings!

We've spoken with a realtor and have been pre-approved for a loan. She told us that we should start looking around February (our two year anniversary!) when people will start to put new houses on the market so we'll have a better selection for our price range.

In regards to us trying to start a family--we've decided to see if the Metformin alone will help my body do what it's supposed to do, but to stop any fertility treatments for a few months if I go in Tuesday and we find out that this cycle didn't work. We will re-evaluate in a few months. It will all depend on what we find with the houses we're looking at and what are the chances of not finding something or being able to close in a decent time frame.

Other than that, we're still busy this week adjusting to figuring out where to put everything and running things back to storage, but that's the update for now!

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I hope this is your month! I'm glad you two have a great game plan & great support. This sounds like a very nice move & very sweet of your in-laws to be so understanding & supportive! This is make for a very memorable holiday season, and I can't wait to hear about your house hunting adventures. I loved looking at houses... to be honest. Glad to hear everything worked out .. you deserved better then that crappy place. :) <3. amy (Trials & Triumphs)