Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Lately, I have been feeling so overwhelmed with blessings. I really feel like God has turned my life around so much since I left California in July 2007 and I'm sitting here so thankful for His many blessings.

Today I checked my email and saw so much love from people who have been praying for me and baby. I hope you all know how much that means to me and how incredible you all are. Please know, that I have been praying for all of you as well and that you will, in turn, be blessed.

Once I was finished checking my email, I decided to check our Discover card account. I like to do so every couple of days to make sure the charges are correct and to know how much to budget every month. We like the reward points, but not a revolving balance so we make sure to pay it off monthly. Imagine my surprise when my husband's commuter card that normally costs us $133 per month was charged at a grand total of $13! We knew that a subsidy was in the works and that it would give us a savings, but an extra $120 per month extra is just what we needed to be able to put more aside for the house and upcoming baby costs!

In addition to all of this, both my parents and my husband's parents are now officially excited! We saw a heartbeat which puts us at a lower risk and even though we still have a month to go until we're out of the first trimester, we know that God is good and that He has told us that He is giving us this baby so we are trusting in Him and having faith.

Thank you all for being such a wonderful blessing!


Leah said...

I truly feel like your husband, your baby, and you are in God's hands now. These extra little blessings like the credit card are just a reminder that He is in control. You are so inspiring! I absolutely adore you and your sweet blog. And thank you for the kind words, and for praying for all of us too.

Rebekah said...

Such wonderful blessings in your life!

AllAbout Jillzy said...

Praise the Lord! God is good!