Thursday, January 10, 2013


I anxiously awaited the doctor's office opening yesterday morning to call and get my results. After all, the doctor told me to expect declining HCG numbers which would indicated a miscarriage was in process. I finally got the receptionist on the phone and once she looked up my results she immediately said that she couldn't give them to me and that I would have to wait for a doctor to call me back...WHAT?!

At this point, I pretty much got really upset since they have been able to tell me my results every single time without talking to a doctor. Since I was getting ready to go to work I told them that I needed to know the results immediately and that I couldn't wait around for a phone call today. Surprisingly, she put me on hold and the midwife got on the phone and told me my results...27,339!

She proceeded to tell me that they are concerned because they should have been able to at least seen a fetal pole by 6,000, but they are comfortable with me waiting another week and getting a repeat ultrasound since I have had no bleeding. She then asked if I wanted to set up the appointment at that point and I said I'll have to call her back.

On the way to work I called the new OBGYN I am going to work with and gave them the results. They set up an appointment for January 21st to come in and meet the doctor and go over my medical history and all of my test results up to this point. They know I will need another ultrasound to look for viability at that time so they will have to send me to get one.

I am SO relieved. I'm still pregnant and we're praying that the baby will grow and there will be a heartbeat next time. I know that things happen all the time where they can't find the baby the first time and they find a heartbeat the next time. I also know that this is not a done deal. We're still early in the pregnancy, but that's ok. I will enjoy being pregnant for as long as the Lord allows, but we're not willing to give up on our baby.

I'm only measuring one week behind and that's nothing at the moment. They saw nothing on the ultrasound a week and a half and now they saw a sac! We have hope and we are continuing to pray and trust in the Lord.


Bridgett said...

That's great news! That's an amazing beta number! I'll be thinking of you. My next appt is the 21st too, so it'll be easy for me to remember yours.

Tristan said...

So excited for you..and praying praying for that little baby to stay put and grow big and strong.

Lindsay said...

Best of luck! Can't wait to hear how things are going on the 21st. How are you feeling?!

Amber in South Carolina said...

That's exciting news! Good luck at your next appt, praying for good results! :)