Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{Ultrasound Update} We Have a Baby!

"The battle determines the blessing." 

That's a quote I heard in church this past Sunday and it really hit home for me. Struggling to get pregnant then having it happen on it's own has been such an incredible miracle and blessing. I feel like this baby is more of a  blessing now than ever before because of the battle it took to get here.

We had our follow-up ultrasound today to check the size of the baby and to get a due date since the last doctor's office was less than helpful. We were a little nervous, but sure that God was telling us that it was going to be ok.

We went in to the office and got there 15 minutes before the appointment time per instructions. I drank my 16 oz. of water and was not allowed to empty my bladder until the scan was done. I started drinking the water an hour prior to my appointment, so by the time we got there, I was so uncomfortable that I thought I was going to have an accident! We waited a few minutes past my appointment time and I finally got called up to sign in with my insurance card.

After waiting just over a half an hour past my appointment time I was ready to explode and was finally called back! I went into the ultrasound room and the tech decided to do an abdominal scan on me first. This was shocking because I should have been around 7 weeks 2 days per the last ultrasound and I was sure she wasn't going to see anything this way. She assured me that if she didn't see anything, that we would do a trans-vaginal scan at that point.

She started moving the wand around and at first I saw a huge black hole with nothing in it and was a little confused. Then, I saw a smaller one further down, but she wasn't focusing on that just yet. Finally, she went to the smaller one and there was a baby! She explained that the bigger black hole was my bladder and that this was my baby.

There were a few measurements and I could see a little flicker so I asked if that was the heartbeat. I was so thankful when she said yes and it was beating at 160 bpm. The baby measured in at 8 weeks 2 days!

Without further adieu, here's Baby Reese...

We couldn't be more grateful for all of the prayers and well wishes. Thank you to everyone who thought about us and prayed for our baby. We are so blessed and relieved!

My next appointment with the OB is Monday and we should be getting our due date then! Please continue your prayers for our baby and thank you once again for all of the support.


Adrienne said...

OH YAY! I'm just so happy for you two!

WHAT a blessing! :)

Leah said...

A blessing for sure! Was this the new Dr's office office? Hopefully they were kinder regardless of where you were. I am so happy for your sweet family. Truly a miracle and proof that God has a plan for us.

Bridgett said...

Yay! Congratulations!!

Lindsay said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO VERY happy for you two. This is such and exciting time. I am glad you were able to push through all the rough moments and finally end up here with baby Reese in your belly. Congrats mama!

Take a Walk w Me said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! Ive been waiting and waiting for this post! God Bless!

Breanna said...

I got the biggest smile on my face as I read this post! I'm so happy and excited for you, girl! Sending so much love :)