Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hi Ho, Hi ho, It's Off to Work I Go!

Since we moved in with my in-laws to save for a house, my days have been a little different. You see, taking care of a bedroom versus an apartment is a lot less work. I cook two days a week per what my mother-in-law suggested and we're in charge in vacuuming our bedroom weekly and doing our own laundry. So, the chores are few and far between. It's awesome, really, but I get rather bored...don't tell my mother-in-law because I'm sure she could find plenty for me to do ;)

After really thinking about it, I decided that I might want to look into getting a part-time job. Something that would give me a few hours a week that wouldn't interfere with my business since I have shows coming up and wouldn't interfere with spending time with my husband. I wanted something that I would enjoy and would get me out of the house so I could be more productive.

A month ago, my mother-in-law needed a new sewing machine so I went to the local Viking Sewing Gallery that I like and talked to the manager about what machines they have and price points. Mom-in-law wanted me to do the research then she could make a decision since the last time she got a machine was when she got married 40 years ago! After talking to the manager (wearing sweats and no make-up, mind you) she asked me if I wanted a job.

Of course, I inquired about the hours/days and realized that it would definitely work for me! After talking it over with my husband and praying about it, I decided to put in the application and was hired on the spot at my interview!

I'm really liking my job so far. I work two days a week for a total of twelve hours. Right now it's week days, but I may work one Saturday a month once I'm fully trained. I am currently working on learning all of the sales techniques and all of the machines which makes me super excited. I get to learn to embroider and will be able to teach some classes once I'm trained so that will be awesome!

The only downside is being so tired, but I know that it's better for me to keep myself occupied than not and it really helps the day to go by.

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