Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

This week, I'm saying SO WHAT if...

  • Most nights I opt out of the regularly scheduled dinner. I eat, but the food aversions do not have casseroles or red sauce as part of the plan.
  • I was a little annoyed that my RE who put me on Metformin and had no problem telling me how long he wanted me on it during my pregnancy before I got pregnant would not remind me what that information was. Now, my OB might have to send me to a high risk doctor just to get an answer since he's not comfortable with making that decision.
  • I'm already dreading the next four workdays. I agreed to 10-12 hours per week total (so about 2 days per week) and I'll be working 24 hours this week alone. Oh well, at least I'll like the paycheck!
  • Watermelon is my new favorite food. So happy I finally want something healthy!
  • I bought something for the baby. Target was having a great sale so I ordered the video monitor we wanted, got 5% off, free shipping, and a $40 Target gift card! My husband said we shouldn't pass it up so we didn't.
  • I'm counting down to my sister's graduation in May and praying that I look pregnant. Starting off as a heavy girl means there's no guarantee!


Lindsay said...

Oh girl- you will look pregnant. I read an entire article about starting out heavy. Don't stress about it. You know, we know, it will all be good.

Adrienne said...

Love it! I'm SURE you'll look pregnant in May. You can always put your hands on your belly a lot- that helps ;)

I'm GLAD you bought a baby item. I mean you are having a baby!

How far along are you now? I hope you're feeling okay :)