Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Scheduling Conflicts

I started my part-time job about four weeks ago with the understanding that I would be working a total of 10-12 hours per week and 1-2 days per week with maybe a couple of Saturdays per month. Of course, this sounded perfect for what I wanted and after talking to my husband, we agreed that we could make it work.

Then, I found out I was pregnant right before I started working. I already had a start date and wasn't sure of what to do. I wasn't sure how I would feel being pregnant and wondered if I should tell my manager since we only have a total of four people working there. After talking about it, we decided that I should start the job and tell her after the first trimester at the end of this month.

I started working and everything was going well. Working two six hour shifts worked out well and I was learning a lot. I enjoyed the job and my manager was so happy with the job I was doing. In fact, she was so happy that she started adding more hours and days to my schedule. Now, normally, that would be great, but with the pregnancy, I get exhausted easily and super sore after I work. I thought it was just because she needed some coverage, but then we sat down to talk schedules.

She was changing the schedule daily and I kept getting more days and hours. I was originally scheduled for three days last week and one day this week, but the next day it was changed to five days this week...what?! Not only was I getting a ton of hours, but I was also scheduled for three weekends in a row. Once we sat down to talk about it, she asked how many I would be willing to do and I said two Saturdays.

She told me that wasn't going to work and she needed four weekend days per month. I let her know this is not what we agreed upon and she said she didn't remember that, but she probably did say it at the time. She asked me to talk to my husband about working at least three weekend days per month and being "on call" for the fourth and to get back to her on Monday.

Once again, we talked schedules yesterday. I let her know that we were not comfortable with me working more than 2 weekend days and more than 12 hours per week, but up to 18 would be the most. She told me that she had to find someone else and I told her I understood.

As of this point, I'm working as long as she has some hours for me, but it's honestly a little awkward. On top of that, it's 40 minutes away each way so the pay isn't worth driving there more then a couple of times per week and it adds to my exhaustion.

I'm looking forward to either working super part-time with very few hours for now or being able to stay at home and sew for my craft shows coming up this spring. I'm disappointed it didn't work out better, but there's always a reason and I've earned a little extra to help with some baby expenses so we're happy about that.


Lindsay said...

Bummer it didn't work out, but she should have stuck to her word. Oh well, more time to focus on you and baby!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this was God's little nudge that you should keep being an awesome stay at home wife soon-to-be stay at home mom? You know He works in mysterious ways ;)
You are so brave! Stay strong!

P.S. Sorry I am commenting anonymously, but my husband does not feel that I should seek attention on blogs, but only that I should praise His name and lift up our marriage <3