Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekend Randoms

  • Three days. That's all I have left to work. I am very happy and relieved, but at the same time disappointed that it ended the way it did. I really did my best and that's all I could do. I am happy to have sold an embroidery machine on my first day by myself so that's definitely going to be helpful!
  • Sometimes I get a little nervous knowing that our next appointment is in just over two weeks. I'll be 13 weeks and officially out of the first trimester so I can't wait to be able to tell my extended family and friends, but we're holding off to hear the heartbeat at the appointment. As always, prayers are appreciated. We saw the heartbeat at 8 weeks so the risk is low and I haven't been having any problems so we're trusting God and knowing that He told us it will all be ok.
  • Oh and I love when people have expectant and new mom parking! It feels like an awesome treat and is always open!
  • Today we went to the Goodwill and I was able to find a pair of maternity jeans and maternity capri jeans for $7.71 each! They are in great condition, super comfy, and are being sold at Kohl's for $36 on sale $60 regularly...score!
  • I really need to find some t-shirts that fit me better. We plan on going shopping the day of our appointment if we have time.
  • I was told to call the MFM doctor to have them do a consult to tell me how long I need to continue the metformin during my pregnancy. When I called, they sent me to the diabetic counselor who ended up calling in a blood sugar meter and told me to check my sugars 4-5 times a day. What?! I passed the glucose tolerance test and she said my HbA1C level was borderline normal and looked great! 
  • I checked my sugars 3 times and they were well in the normal range. I'm calling my doctor Monday. I'm not sure that's who I'm supposed to see. It wasn't for a diabetic consultation and I'm super confused.

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