Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Brain Dump

  • Since coming back from vacation I have been even more exhausted. I can't seem to even sleep in to 7am anymore and I feel it. On the bright side, my ankles have returned!
  • I'm making custom curtains for my mother-in-law and brother/sister-in-law this summer. Mom (in-law) will be cutting the fabric since my baby belly will be getting in the way, but I'll be taking over the rest. I hope my back and wrist will allow me to get it done with minimal amounts of pain.
  • I now have to go to the Joann's an hour away to get the fabric for my brother/sister-in-law's curtains this weekend for the Memorial Day Sale. It will be nice to get things done this weekend.
  • I want to start prepping the cloth diapers I have this weekend too while my in-laws are camping. Mom worries about the water usage and places to line dry so I figured it would be best to do when they're out of the house and she was on board!
  • Settling the car accident claim from three and a half years ago isn't going as well as we were hoping. God is in control and I believe that it will all work out. 
  • My baby likes to kick and wiggle around a lot, but most of the time when someone else tries to feel him, he stops! Makes me laugh that he's a little punky, but I know that they'll be able to feel him soon enough because he'll run out of room!
  • I am beyond excited for seeing my friend tonight. We used to get together weekly, but now it's hardly ever. I miss her.
  • I'm beyond thrilled to have a kitchen to cook in this weekend! We won't have a kitchen sink hooked up, but the appliances and counter tops are installed and ready to be used. Good timing since my in-laws are camping in the travel-trailer this weekend and that was the back-up stove.
  • I love when my in-laws go camping near by. That means we get to go over for smores and a campfire!
  • We were a little disappointed to find out my doctor's office was closed today. I should have gotten my gestational diabetes test results today and now have to wait until Tuesday unless they get posted online. If I pass this one, I don't have to take another test and will be in the clear! Prayers please!


Tristan said...

praying you pass your test!!!!

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

my little man STILL decides to be a little brat when someone goes to feel after hes spent 10 solid minutes moving. i dont know how he does it!