Thursday, May 2, 2013


These days things have been moving along. I'm feeling the baby move every day and have even started to see my belly move when he does! It's been incredible.

I managed to sew a diaper yesterday after figuring out my snaps problem. I also replaced the elastic in a used diaper I had purchased, made dinner, and volunteered at AWANA last night. Yesterday was definitely a busy day. Of course, none of that comes without massive amounts of back and hip pain from over doing it, but by the end of today or tomorrow I should be back to normal.

My in-laws are getting their kitchen re-done so we'll be without a kitchen in the house after Saturday until sometime around May 28th. We'll be able to cook in the travel trailer, but that will still be difficult.

Good thing we're leaving on vacation next week! I can not wait to be in California for a week and see my family. I have a friend who is having her baby any day now so I'll also get to snuggle up to an adorable new little girl and that makes me so happy!

I've been pretty bored these days because all I want to do is be out and about with people and they're all at work! I did visit Gram Monday so that was nice, but I sometimes want to go out and do things, but where we are, it's limited.

I did manage to enjoy a date night with my husband the other night. He asked me to drive down and pick him up from work so we could go to dinner. We didn't get home until late because of traffic and the restaurant, but it was so nice to get away for a few hours.

I may have agreed to sew two cushion covers and hem some curtains for my brother and sister-in-law. They are closing on a new house and need custom sizes. I'm just glad to be able to be with her to pick out the fabric. The last cushion cover I made was so difficult to work with I almost gave up.

Also, I need to figure out piping for the project...any suggestions?

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