Monday, January 13, 2014

House Update

This weekend we had a choice to make. With the "pending" contract on a house (that is a short sale) that we have heard nothing about since the bank has to review our offer, we decided that we need to look at more options. The bank still has 30 days to make a decision before we have to forfeit the contract and start over with looking for houses or file an extension to keep our offer on the table. Seeing as things have been a little more difficult lately, we decided to be proactive in our approach and went to look at more houses!

Saturday, we saw four different houses. The first two I couldn't even make work if I tried, the third house was ok, but not what I would be comfortable with, but the last house was by far the best of what we've seen so far. When you walked in, it felt like home.

Now we are in a position where the house is a little more than what we would like to spend, but should be do-able if they won't negotiate, but we still have a contract on a house. Our realtor is going to see how negotiable the sellers of the new house are and pull up some comparables to see what we should offer as well as see if we can pull the contract on the other house. Of course, this means that we could lose our "good faith deposit", but honestly, we're ok with that. We went in with good intentions and it's not the seller's fault at all. We just want what's best for our family.

We should hear back from our realtor soon and hopefully she is able to give us some guidelines with what we should offer if that's what we choose to do. If this house doesn't work out, then that's ok too. Our main goal is to find a house that works for us and we can afford. We believe that there is no one house that is the end all be all to what we would be happy with so we just need to find the right one God has for us (and hopefully soon!).

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