Thursday, January 16, 2014

What We Want (In a House)

House hunting can be fun, but daunting at the same time. You save a lot of money to have a down payment and/or closing costs and spend a good chunk of it quickly. We've been looking on and off for about a year now and still don't have a house. Since last year we've expanded our budget and added a new location that should make it easier to find a house, yet we're still having a little bit of trouble.

Here's our MUST have list...
  1. 3 Bedrooms and 1.5+ baths. This way we would be able to have a second child and not have to move if we had a girl or the second bedroom was too small.
  2. Parking. We need to be able to park our cars in a designated area whether that's assigned parking, a garage, or driveway.
  3. It must be decent. We can get over some cosmetic things and work with it, but if it's a major issue, then we're really not interested.
  4. A yard. Doesn't have to be huge, but enough that our little guy can play safely when he's a little bigger.
  5. A good location for my husband's commute. It also must be safe. Since he takes the train in, this is important.
  6. Adequate storage. Just enough so that we wouldn't have to throw everything away or rent a storage locker.
Things that would be nice to have, but not a must have...
  1. A garage.
  2. Basement.
  3. Attic.
  4. A neighborhood with sidewalks (which is rare around here).
Overall, we're just looking for something that is comfortable and would work for our family. We're looking at more houses tonight and this weekend so I guess we'll see!

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Amber in South Carolina said...

Good luck! House hunting is HARD. It's not as fun as it seems at first. Especially when people think their houses are worth thousands more than they are :)