Sunday, January 12, 2014

So Much Better

This morning was just what I needed. My husband took overnight duty with the baby and let me sleep in! When I woke up, my in-laws were already out of the house for church and my husband was getting ready to leave to go to church as well. Last night we made the decision that I would stay home with Matthew today. He has a horrible diaper rash and has been out of his normal routine a lot lately, so I wanted to work on both of those things.

We decided that while his diaper rash is bad, we would bust out our cloth diaper stash we have and try it on him. Since cloth diapers can help keep diaper rash away, we figured that it might help for him to have less chemicals on his bum with it being so irritated. I have to admit that I miss him in his colorful cloth diapers so I'm not too sad about the switch. I'm sure that once his diaper rash is gone, we'll be using more disposables again since his grandpa buys them for us since he doesn't want to change a cloth diaper!

This morning has been so great. I fed Matthew and was able to give him a little bit of diaper-free time while I changed his diaper this morning. He even played in his activity saucer for at least 20 minutes happily while I made cookies and talked to his Aunt Boo! Once he let me know he was done in that, I put him in his swing and he stayed there happily for a while too. By the time he started fussing, it was nap time. I swaddled him (which he hates the process, but loves the end result) and put him down for his nap.

I have the dishwasher and washing machine going and have stuffed diapers in the mean time. It's mornings like this that remind me that it's going to be ok and it's all worth it in the end. We are going to have a house and I will feel like I can breathe.

At the moment, I'm waiting for my husband to get home so we can eat lunch together and hang out around the house. My in-laws are only around for a little while on Sunday afternoons and come back a little before dinner so it's a nice break.

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