Sunday, August 1, 2010

Great finds

The hardest part about planning for the wedding is planning for what happens after the wedding. Phil and I have decided to stay in my apartment to try to save and buy a house. The only problem is that my apartment is a little small. I can easily fill the apartment with my furniture and things so to add in one more person and all of his stuff is a challenge! Phil's mom and I are working on re-organizing pretty much everything. We have a plan and are going to make it work so that he and I can both be comfortable living there for as long as we need. This means getting rid of a lot of things of mine and getting new things to make more space and to offer better storage options.

We have been going to thrift stores to try to find a sewing table for my sewing machine my awesome friend gave me last year and were lucky enough to come across a sewing table and a curio/china cabinet today for a great price! We bought both of these pieces of furniture for what someone online wanted for just the sewing table...incredible!

Now, it's just a matter of getting everything taken care of, but we have plenty of time and a lot of help to get it all done!

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Tristan said...

I love finding stuff I need!!!