Monday, November 23, 2009

With Faith Fear Can Be Conquered.

I'm praying for a good outcome. This weekend was full of emotions and great realizations. I know God is in control of it all and I need to continue to trust in Him.

I've been doing great at toning down the wedding/engagement talk for the past couple of days. This has been incredibly difficult for me, but it is what is best for our relationship. As a result, he has been more open to the idea.

We also discussed his fears associated with marriage and change in general. Change is a difficult thing for many people and marriage is a big decision. It's ok to be scared with these things, but it is about realizing that the fear can not hold you back from something that is potentially good.

My intention is not to pressure him, but to be supportive and to help him realize that sometimes the biggest decisions and changes seem impossible at the moment and incredibly scary, but once you give it time and settle in, it is often something that is great and better than expected. Although marriage might scare him from the stand point that he no longer has his singleness and it's choosing one person and there are no "take backs" with the decision, it is ulitmately something that God created to be good.

I know that I love him and he loves me. We are always actively putting each other first and showing our love and respect. If we continue this pattern, it will lead to a lifetime of love and happiness.

As for now, I will continue to pray and exercise much love and patience. Good things are in the wood work and God is making it possible.

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