Sunday, November 29, 2009


Phil and I are in what he calls more of a "rebuilding period." This basically means that recently our relationship has goine through a lot of stress and now the pressure is off and we are in blissful mode. The reason why he calls it this is because the good times are what helps you go through the rough ones. He's smart like that :)

Everything came to a head this past Wednesday. God got us through and we have been on cloud nine since then. Thanksgiving was great and we did a lot of shopping on Black Friday. We got everything we needed and wanted to get and managed to steer clear of the major crowds.

Yesterday we went with his parents to the Christmas Tree farm and cut down a Christmas tree for my our apartment. Although we don't live together, we call a lot of things "ours" out of principle and love.

Today was more of shopping after church and Phil talking to my dad on the phone, while I took a much needed nap. Of course, I had a super weird dream and woke up feeling very weird and distant. I hate weird dreams and movies because it really affects my moods and how I feel and it is not good.

We are going to see our pastor soon because it feels like our relationship has been under attack recently and hopefully he will have some helpful advice for when we are going through our rough patches. We still think it's a great idea to go now even though we are having a great time since sometimes that is the best time to really work things through.

I will continue to pray for us and pray that God keeps us in His care and protects our relationship from negative things.

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Tristan said...

praying for him to put a ring on that finger soon :)

talking through things before marriage is a wonderful thing to only makes you stronger.