Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Disturbing Much?

Earlier today I met up with someone to just sit and talk. We talked about my job, my life, and my relationship with Phil. She has known Phil for a few years now and has really seen him mature over that time. She is a little older than us, but younger than our parents. She's played an important part in Phil's life and is a trusted part of our lives.

It's not a secret to those who know us, i.e. friends and family, that Phil and I are waiting until we are married. It is something we both belive and agree to be very important in our relationship. At this point, we have been dating 17 months and are still holding steadfast to our values.

So, this woman and I are talking about the relationship and how Phil and I are talking about marriage in the near future. She seems to think it is a great idea and that our relationship is definitely headed there. It is all positive talk for a while including asking me what type of wedding do we want...formal? Where would we like to get married and have a reception...etc. It is all going well until about the last few minutes and it becomes a little awkward. Here's the end of the conversation we had:

Me: I'm super excited to get married!
Her: Oh my gosh....the wedding night is going to be sizzling....she puts her hands up to her head...Oh my, I just can't think about that!
Me: blank stare...thinking did she seriously just say that?...Ummm, ya...I hope so.
Her: I don't even want to be in the room next to you two on your wedding night.
Me: Ya, I don't think I want anyone in the room next to us...can you say awkward?
Her: Well, you two are going to be having a good time definitely!...something to that affect
Me: trying not to be awkward...Ya, we are looking forward to it.

Ummm....seriously...why is she thinking about that? I had to sit there trying not to say anything awkward because that is what I do when I'm nervous, obviously. It was just a bit disturbing. When I told Phil he was shocked she even said it! I think the best part was when she was getting excited and had to say that she needs to not think about it...ewww.

I'm all for talking about things with my girlfriends, but this was a little different and I did not bring it up. I honestly wasn't expecting her to start to think about that and make those comments. It's nice that it will apparently be hot, but there's still a ways to go...lol.

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