Monday, September 20, 2010

McFatty Monday

Well, it's Monday again and y'all know what that means...McFatty Monday! I must admit that this week was better than the past weeks until the weekend. This weekend we were out and about for lunch and swung by McDonald's to grab a bite. Then Sunday brunch rolled around and since I hadn't eaten breakfast I was starving and ate a lot. To my defense, I still managed to watch my portions (except for the one donut) and could have done a lot worse.

I did manage to play in two double-headers for our softball team and quickly realized that my shins, once again hate me. Ever since high school cross-country, where I was the slowest person ever, my shins have ached due to the ever-so-lovely "shin splints." Oh yes, my shins ache on a daily basis while walking and going up and down stairs. This just so happens to make exercise super painful. On top of that, while sitting and reaching for something, I pulled a muscle in my thigh! I am the first to admit that I'm accident-prone, but really?!

Even with all of these things working against me, I managed to stay within the same pound I've been fluctuating back and forth with. Not too bad if I do say so myself.

And, as is my pic for this week.

I would really love to go out for a walk in the lovely fall weather, but with my shins hurting so much, it looks like I might have to hold off on that for a while and try to do a low-impact cardio machine. My trainer had to cancel for tomorrow, but maybe I'll make it in anyways.

Here's to better weeks and getting fit!
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