Monday, November 8, 2010

McFatty Monday

It's Monday again, time to look at the scale and re-evaluate last week's weight loss efforts. In my case, they were pretty much non-existent. A week ago, I played four softball games in a two day period. My legs hurt, my stomach was sore, and my back was bad. I don't normally have too many back issues, but when it decides to hurt, it really does something to me and there is no sitting, standing, walking, or laying without some kind of pain. The pain was so intense that it was shooting down my leg and radiating from my lower back. It sucked.

Last week, the heating pad, painkillers, and a hot bath were my bff's. It was torture. So, I think it's safe to assume that the gym was not happening and the fact that I needed to go grocery shopping, but was physically unable to, meant that my diet consisted of a lot of take-out/fast food. Not so great.

The good news is that I only managed to gain one pound! I tried really hard to make sure to portion my fatty food-intake and tried to drink more water. Also, Phil and I went grocery shopping today so I have good food to eat at home and I will not be eating out this week!

My back is still very tempermental, but at least I can seem to sit and lay down without too much pain. Standing is still not-so-great, but as long as I make sure to limit my time, I'm fine. My goal for this week is to do some "light cardio" a few times this week and to start small....even if it's only for 10 minutes, that's something. I really just want to check on my back and see how it does with the cardio. I have a training session on Wednesday and will gauge how I feel at that point.

Overall, I'm happy with where the numbers came in this week and with better food and a better back, this week will definitely be better than last week!

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