Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes... I want to sleep in as late as possible when I have no plans.
Always... My body wakes me up early and I can't go back to sleep!

Sometimes... My husband is able to take an extra day off of work (thank you, credit time!).
Always... I love spending that extra time with him.

Sometimes... I get overwhelmed that my sewing room and our bedroom are never completely picked up.
Always... I'm thankful that the rest of our apartment {almost} always looks decent.

Sometimes... I wasn't sure how this quilt top that I'm working on was going to come together.
Always... I end up figuring something out and making it look decent.
This is a baby blanket scrap quilt I'm making for a friend.

Sometimes... I get a new follower and comment on my blog!
Always... It makes me so happy and I'm so thankful that y'all stopped by and showed some love :)


Katie said...

Can't wait to see how the quilt turns out!! It looks so cute already :)

Abby said...

Hey Katie! I totally know what you mean about one room not always being picked up. That's how our bedroom is, it drives me crazy! Thank goodness our guest don't go in our room very often. :-)