Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I love getting back to comments, but if they are Anonymously posted, there's no way for me to be able to send them an email and talk to them.

Of course, someone decided to comment...

Anonymous said...
Wouldn't you save up even faster if you DID get a job? 

Glad you asked. 

I'm sure many people think that we would save faster if I worked and truthfully, I DO work. I sew and have been working on custom orders and doing craft shows as my job for the time being. Of course, that isn't the same type of income, but I am putting all of that money now into savings after I pay my taxes.

We didn't expect for me to stay at home and we even had a job lined up for me that would start at the end of Summer, but we quickly learned that with me staying at home we SAVED more money than when I was working!


Because when I worked I needed more things so I spent more money. Work clothes, shoes, make-up, and gas were all things that were needed more frequently. I also ended up getting sick from the stress of the job and got bronchitis multiple times in a year. Between the medical bills to get me healthy and the added expenses of everything else, we spent more money than I was bringing home. I was buying more food out from being on the go and the expenses kept adding up.

With me staying home we not only save more money, but my husband is happier and that makes me happier. In fact, when I ask him if he wants me to get a job he tells me "NO!" He knows this is what is best for my health and for our family. Of course, if I needed to work to help out I would, but that's not the case.


Amber in South Carolina said...

What it comes down to is what is right for you isn't right for someone else and it's hard for people to understand when others do things differently. All you can do is live a life that is right for you and your husband! :)

Lindsay said...

Isn't it frustrating when people who take the time to leave negative comments don't give you the opportunity to respond?! Anyway, you don't owe them an explanation. You and your husband are smart capable people. Do what is right for the both of you and tell everyone else to eff off!

Adrienne said...

You don't owe anyone an explanation! It was anonymous because it was rude, judgmental, and totally uncalled for!

You and your husband and smart, Godly people who can make your own decisions! And if you ask me, I think you're both doing great!