Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Unsolicited Advice

The past week or so has been a whirlwind of emotions. We were scared and worried about who was coming into our home. We were happy and excited to be able to get out quickly. We were stressed between packing and moving in a week. And now the emotions are being sorted out and we're figuring it all out.

People have their opinions and I need to not let it get to me. People are telling my mother-in-law that I need to work and get a job so we don't have to live here. It's hurtful and rude. But the truth is, I don't need to get a job. We can afford to rent another apartment or a mortgage. We're living here to save up faster and to be able to take time to find a house.

The realtor said that we should start looking in February. Until then and until we find somewhere we like we're just going to save money so that we have a good down payment and money in the bank as a cushion in case it's needed. We're making a smart decision not to waste our money in renting while we have this incredible opportunity.

Is it hard putting 95% of your things into storage and fitting as much as you can into one small bedroom? Heck yes it is! We have less privacy and for a young, married couple...that's hard. But, it's what we signed up for because we're looking at the bigger picture and not focusing on the now.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you save up even faster if you DID get a job?

Adrienne said...

I'm so, so sorry for the cruelty being spread around your life right now!

I'm sure your mother in law is THRILLED to have you in her home, I know mine would be.

Also, you are forever justified through Christ alone, so no one should ever make you feel like you need to justify the decisions you and your husband made for your marriage and family.

You are following the plan and path God paved for you, and that matters one thousand times more than money ever could.

You go girl!

Lindsay said...

Good luck hun- the hardest stuff always pays off the most. And ignore all the haters!