Monday, November 12, 2012

The Point of No Return

I've tweeted about this a couple of times before, but I have a friend who chronically cancels on me. Like 50% of the time. And she's often late without a phone call or text. With everything that happened over the past two weeks, things have been crazy and we needed help to move out so fast.

My friend's husband was supposed to come help us move and cancelled the night before because his wife's sister's dog died and they needed to go say goodbye. Yes, that was seriously the reason.

Obviously I was hurt and upset and decided to take a step back from our friendship. 

She texted last week that her dad was in the hospital so I said I would pray for him. I wanted to take a step back, not be cruel or mean. I decided that the space would be good so I didn't check-in with her the rest of the week figuring that she would update me when she was ready.

This past weekend I got a text from her saying that she was upset with me and we ended up having a text-fight. Basically, she told me what a crappy person I am for not checking in on her because of her dad and she told me that no matter what her family comes first and that I was overreacting about the safety of my apartment. And that was that. No matter what I said, it was that family comes first.

I'm disappointed in how it ended. I put in so much time into building this relationship and her husband has been my husband's best friend since elementary school. It's honestly really stupid how it went down, but if that's how she wanted to handle it, then it is what it is.

We have had so much going on with the move and so many things. I don't have time for anything extra that is going to bring me down. This is hard enough as it is.

I am still sending her a Christmas card, but my husband thinks that we've hit the point of no return.

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Amber in South Carolina said...

It's so hard when you have issues with friends. Especially when they aren't able to see beyond themselves. I'm sorry that you had to end the friendship like that, but in the end it is probably healthier for both of you!