Thursday, January 14, 2010

Early Valentine's Day Present

There are only a few things that I can wait to give Phil if I know what he wants. I really do try, but eventually one of two things happen...

1. I over analyze the situation and tell him that he's getting it before the actual date, but get it together and make him wait.
2. I'll spill the beans and tell him what he's getting then feel compelled to give it to him early.

On occasion I have been able to hold my tongue and surprise him, but it rarely happens.

Flash-forward to today---
Last night Phil told me what he wanted for Valentine's day this year. Being that he never knows what he wants I was super excited and wanted to get it for him before he buys it for himself. I know him and yes, he will wait, but it will drive me crazy having him over analyze whether or not he wants it and talking himself out of it.

I had done my research on it and decided that yes, indeed, I would get it for him and give it to him on Valentine's day. Great...right? Wrong. He decided to throw into the conversation that he could wait, but that he really didn't want to wait to get it until then. Ugh.

Of course, me being me I just had to go out and get it for him today and yes, he must have it today. Why? Because I seriously would not be able to wait a whole month to give it to him without it driving me crazy.

So, without further adieu here's what I got him...

I seriously can't wait until I see him tonight to be able to give him is new I pod touch. I know it's super early, but there's no way to hide it from him for a whole month. Hopefully he's as excited to get it as I am to have it!

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