Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Planning the Talk...

Tonight is the big night where I am going to have a talk with my boss about the future of their child care needs. Currently, there are three kids that I nanny for ages 10, 7, and 4. The two older children go to school for a full day and the youngest goes all week to preschool, but only half day. The parents are really trying to get the youngest into Kindergarten next year and knowing that he would be at school all day means that their needs for a nanny will be changing.

I must admit that I am definitely excited and a little nervous about it. Since I now have my degree, there are many opportunities that can be considered that were not options before. It's a little scary, but thrilling at the same time to know that something new is just around the corner!

Basically, I just want to know where I stand with having a job. The worst case scenario is that they will not need me full-time past the end of the school year or right before camp starts. This would work out well if I knew now because that gives me until the end of May/beginning of June before I need to have a new job. The best case scenario is that they want me to work through the summer which means I would need a new job by August. Either way, I am totally ok with both of these options and just want to know what to plan for really.

Hopefully everything goes well tonight and some things are cleared up and positive. I know my boss thinks I'm great and I just want to make sure that everything turns out right.

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