Friday, January 15, 2010


I guess what I'm expecting right now is nothing short of a miracle. Every time things seem to be going well there is a big bump in the road that shakes him up. He's afraid of change and what is unknown. He's had these expectations in his head for so long and now that life doesn't line up with what he thought it would be he can't seem to accept it.

I pray for him and so does my dad and his parents for God to give him reassurance and peace. It is a struggle that we deal with a lot and he is a good man who just needs to feel God's comfort and peace.

I guess what I expect at this point is not a ring, but for him to put his faith and trust in God and for him to find some relief. What we have is real and true. If the Bible is right when they say that "Love conquers all" then I say we'll be just fine.

Until then, I will continue to love, pray, and have faith that the Lord God Almighty will take this burden from him and give him strength, peace, reassurance, and acceptance. Amen.

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